My entry into the transformative world of chiropractic care began early, while in-utero. When my mother was pregnant with me, she received her first Chiropractic adjustment.

My father has been a huge advocate for chiropractic care, even before they were married. As an engineer, “Structure = function,” and therefore, he believes that the structure of the human body impacts how it functions.

And impact it did.

My mother’s chiropractic adjustment directly impacted my biochemistry and nerve function as a fetus and has propelled me into my life’s purpose.

I have experienced the chiropractic lifestyle my entire life. Even when I was off course with diet or exercise (i.e college), I received regular chiropractic adjustments to optimize nerve function and guide my life forward. Since the age of five, I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor to inspire my community to experience optimal health and wellness.  Now, after serving patients in private practice for 10+ years and attending seminars and retreats to continue my learning, I am thrilled to connect with like-minded women who are growing, contributing and thriving in their lives.