It is with great joy that I share my knowledge and expertise to help women connect to themselves, their joy and the world of possibilities available to them.  I love collaborating with like-minded organizations, panels and institutes to bring this information to the masses.

Our bodies are our greatest teachers. Our symptoms are our signals, our red flags, our “pay attention!” roadblocks. When we experience fatigue, depression, joint pain, headaches, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities or stress, it is usually due to a larger issue. Often, the issue has nothing to do with your body, rather a disconnection from your source of joy, love, abundance, passion or vitality. A disconnection from yourself.

Instead of ignoring these strong signals from the mind-body, or numbing them with over-the-counter or prescription medications, you have a beautiful opportunity to “course correct and continue.” Sadly, by the brainwashing of pharmaceutical advertising and the misinformation regarding normal physiological processes, our culture has been ingrained to suppress symptoms. If we are taught to fear and avoid feeling pain and other symptoms, then searching for a “quick fix” seems reasonable.

However, the truth is that when we live completely connected to our authentic self, we can feel fully alive. More vibrant, more awake then you could even imagine. Being fully immersed into your greatness and power can instigate both positive and negative emotions; yet, when you allow yourself to dance with the polarities, you will always create the best possible outcome.

Unlocking Your Body’s Innate Intelligence

Every woman has an innate intelligence within her that helps guide and navigate her decisions, health and cycles of life. Learning how to still the mind can create massive expansion in what is possible in your life, right now. My purpose is to assist in re-igniting the spark of life that is already within you, that may be stifled from overwhelm with personal and professional responsibilities. With clarity comes power, and this power allows you to gently navigate through life transitions.


  • Fertility, pregnancy and birth
  • Preventative women’s health
  • Intimate relationships
  • Career and finances
  • Motherhood

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