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Dr. Laura Brayton

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Elevate your health habits along with your partner or by yourself, to consciously create a healthy pregnancy where you feel both prepared and surrendered to birth a higher caliber soul into this world.


"Dr. Brayton is the most caring and thoughtful chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. Her healing touch is powerful and nurturing. What I appreciate most is how she takes the extra time to really find out what my body needs. I always walk out feeling connected to my body and energized. Thanks Dr. Brayton!"

Doug L. , Professional Audio/Visual Technician

"I started seeing Dr. Brayton when I was 4 months pregnant because I hoped to alleviate (pre-pregnancy) back pain and prevent any additional back pain during pregnancy. I am pleased to say I had zero back pain during my pregnancy with thanks to Dr. Brayton. She was amazing helping me through my pregnancy and making sure my body was ready for delivery! I continue to see her regularly to stay on top of any back and wrist pain from carrying an infant. I feel great relief after each session with her. Dr. Brayton also worked with my son, and identified that he had tongue and mouth ties which impacted his feeding at 2 weeks old. She gave us a great referral and had them quickly corrected. I highly recommend Hoboken Chiropractic+Wellness to everyone !"

Stephanie A.

"For the past two years, my face has been very flushed. A dermatologist told me I had rosacea. But after one chiropractic adjustment, the flushing is gone from my face. I wish I had come before I spent the money on rosacea creams!"

Christine H., Attorney

"Being a patient at Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness has given me a new zest on life. The gentle yet effective spinal adjustments Dr. Brayton is ‘known for’ has truly helped my spinal alignments tremendously. If your seeking to correct specific misalignments in the body … or want to simply maintain your general well-being, I highly recommend Dr. Brayton at Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness."

Danielle B. , Pilates Studio Owner

"I had been seeing Dr. Brayton through my first pregnancy and when she mentioned I should bring the baby in once she was born I was a little taken aback. I didn’t realize that babies needed to or could get adjusted! After doing some research I decided that I would bring my daughter to Dr. Brayton. As a new mom, it couldn’t have been a smarter decision. I was nervous, scared and felt very alone while immediately facing some breastfeeding issues with my daughter. With her first adjustment at less than 7 days old, I saw an immediate change in my daughters latch. Dr. Brayton also was able to recommend different local resources for different procedures and for an LLBC. My daughter continued to see Dr. Brayton through her early months as she got a frenectomy to maximize the benefits of the procedure and again we would see results each time. A more open mouth, a deep, more proper latch and I would feel instant relief, both physically and emotionally. The experience my first daughter and I had with Dr. Brayton made it a no brainer for me to immediately take my second daughter when she was born. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brayton for your newborn to relieve any breastfeeding or eating issues! "

Martha K.

"I had a terrific home birth and initially I felt great. But I didn’t realize that carrying around such a small baby in a sling would be quite so hard on my lower back… She has also helped my little family by fixing a strained Daddy’s back and easing an uncomfortable baby. We all sleep better thanks to her care!"

Susannah + Rose C.

"My family and I have been seeing both Dr. Laura Brayton and Dr. Olga Alvarez for over a year. They are skilled and kind and we absolutely love our biweekly visits. They have supported me throughout a pregnancy and have adjusted our children. They truly care for us all with adjustments and supplements for immunity and allergy support. One of my favorite things about bringing our two young children is watching our children become more in-tune with their bodies. They think about any aches and pains and then clearly and comfortably communicate that prior to an adjustment. Our visits have given them the gift of health and wellness but also the gift of being aware of their bodies’ functions. The adjustments have freed our bodies to heal and function the way they were intended to. The office is clean, friendly, equipped with toys, stickers, teas, water, and all the little things that make each visit such a joy. We are so thankful for Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness. We tell all our local friends about the benefits and how our family has been blessed to be a part of the Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness family. "

Abigail P.

"My treatments with Dr. Brayton have been wonderful. Daily chronic back and neck pain that I have lived with for years (due to ten years of 8-9 hour days at a computer) is finally getting alleviated. Also, my TMJ pain has lessened through treatments. She works my jaw and skull to lessen the tension. Also, foot cramping. I’ve lived with spasms that hurt so bad in my toes. The cramping has lessened and she’s treating me with orthotics which will allow me to exercise and dance again!"

Jackie D. , Accounting

"I started to go to dr. Brayton when I was 20 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot of lower back pain. I worked with her all the way up until Covid and she set me up to have a comfortable pregnancy and labor. Now I bring my newborn son to help him with his torticollis and shallow latch. She’s fantastic with him as she was with me. Bryn, the front desk receptionist, is the baby whisperer and beyond lovely. A great practice to go to!"

Kate K.

"Drs Brayton and Alvarez were highly recommended to me when I started experiencing lower back pain in my 2nd trimester – and continuing adjustments with them through the very end of my pregnancy was an absolute game changer!! Aside from normal pressure, aches and small pains – I was able to really enjoy my pregnancy pain free, and not have the acute lower, SI joint pain that I was experiencing prior to seeking their expertise. Their practice is gentle and understanding. Never rushed and they truly place your health and wellness first. Admittedly, I only went to Hoboken Family Chiropractic + Wellness for what I thought was preventing any back, neck and shoulder pain related to my first pregnancy … but when I learned how the adjustments were actually helpful in promoting a healthy, safe and efficient delivery – I’m CONVINCED they were the very reason why my son was in optimal position for birth, that my labor was mere hours and his delivery was faster than I could have imagined. Now, I’m a busy mama who still seeks adjustments for the strains that come with a life of chasing after young children, working from home scrunched over a computer, etc. . My holistic quality of life has improved with their treatment plans that truly look at my health as whole. I sleep better, feel better, move easier and feel healthier. Worth every penny!"

Faye H.

"First, I was a patient, then I had to include my daughter to take part in N.A.E.T. I feel I have regained my health and taken it to great heights in feeling wonderful again."

Tais F. + Iris A.

"I started seeing Dr. Brayton half way through my first pregnancy when I start experiencing pain surrounding my shoulder blades. After the first session I felt immediate relief and continued seeing her in preparation for labor. I continued to see Dr. Brayton postpartum where she immediately alleviated some symptoms I was experiencing from breastfeeding: numb arms, painful elbows and wrists and slouched shoulders. With each session I’d see massive improvement in my alignment, posture, sleep, and stress levels. I didn’t realize what it was like to feel normal and good until seeing Dr. Brayton consistently pre and postpartum. I can’t recommend Dr. Brayton and chiropractic care more during and post pregnancy. It’s a true game changer! "

Martha K.

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Brayton on and off for about four years. In that time, I have seen many chiropractors and never experienced the same level of care and service that Dr. Brayton provides. Her skill and professionalism have allowed me to maintain a healthy quality of life. Not having to live with chronic pain and discomfort is a blessing and I do owe it to Dr. Brayton. I would and have recommended friends and family to come to Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness to address whatever their needs are. This is definitely a place to receive the best treatment in the Metro NY area."

Sean C. , Associate Brand Manager for Time, Inc.

"Dr. Brayton has changed my life. Not only is she the best chiropractor, she also has helped me with hormonal balance and stress relief and has opened my eyes to incredible ways to improve my health on a daily basis. Lastly, she is so easy to talk to and has really become a mentor throughout my health and pregnancy journey. Cannot recommend her and her incredible team enough!"

Marina S.


No matter where you are in your pregnancy, the Brayton Birth Method has many ways to offer guidance and support on your journey into motherhood. From in-person care at my chiropractic wellness practice to customized supplement protocols as well as my signature online program, you will receive community and information in order to create a healthy pregnancy and empowered birth experience through ALIGNMENT.

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