Discover JoyLux and Mommy Matter’s Premium Women's Intimate Wellness Devices

Mommy Matters
JoyLux vFit® Gold Device

JOYLUX vFit Gold: Elevate Your Intimate Wellness


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Experience the ultimate in women’s intimate wellness with vFit Gold, the leading device utilizing infrared and red light therapy. Designed to enhance feminine health and improve overall intimate wellness, vFit Gold offers a non-invasive, hormone-free solution. Feel confident, revitalized, and empowered with this advanced technology.


MommyMatters: NeoHeat - Comfort and Recovery for New Moms


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Introducing NeoHeat by MommyMatters, the innovative postpartum recovery device featuring cutting-edge infrared and red light therapy. Specifically designed to support new mothers, NeoHeat promotes healing, reduces discomfort, and aids in the recovery process. Embrace motherhood with comfort and care using this essential wellness tool.

Photonic Gel

Photonic Gel Combo Two Pack


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Photonic Gel contains only safe and clean ingredients. Infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and other light-reflecting ingredients, we’ve scientifically proven this gel increases light power by 45%—making it a must-have for anyone using a vFit device! Size: 2.5 oz / 75 mL