Meet Dr. Laura Brayton

I am passionate about educating and empowering women from conscious conception, healthy pregnancy, empowered birth and joyful motherhood on holistic health and lifestyle.

I have dedicated my entire career to learning and applying the best ways to support women in my holistic chiropractic practice located in Hoboken, NJ; from hands-on skills in addressing pregnancy back pain and headaches to balancing a third trimester woman’s pelvis using the Webster Technique to assist her baby in going into a vertex (head down) position as well as reading copious amounts of information from the leaders in the holistic birth movement.

After spending several years caring for pregnant and new mamas in my practice, I finally had the opportunity to become a mama myself.

I dedicated six months to cleanse my body and restore balance prior to getting pregnant soon after my wedding.

I deliberately interviewed for birth providers during the first and early second trimesters as I planned my home waterbirth. I began creating a birth team to support me including a midwife, maternity chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, personal trainer, hypnotherapist, prenatal yoga instructor, birth doula, postpartum doula and lactation consultant. I fueled my body (and baby’s body) with healthy and nutrition foods, exercised on a regular basis, paid close attention to my body’s needs, took time to slow down my schedule, schedule moments to meditate and “talk” to my baby and truly embrace the finite period that encompasses a pregnancy.

I absolutely knew that it was possible to thrive throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t have to experience the common pregnancy symptoms that women are conditioned to believe are “normal.” I also intuitively knew that my body, when loved and nurtured, was completely capable of birthing my baby without fear and interventions.

Having complete faith and trust in the uncertainty and surrender required for birth allowed me to create the most amazing experience of my life; the birth of my son, Finley, in 2017.

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