The Brayton Birth Method Digital Program

Helping Well-Adjusted Mama's Navigate Their First Year

Learn how to be the Mama you need as you navigate this exciting new chapter of your life!

Guiding You Through Every Step of the Journey 

Are You Aligned for a Positive Pregnancy?

Hey, Mama! Well-Adjusted Mamas don’t just “happen” – it takes work, a deep understanding of what resonates with you, as the person experiencing this and how to communicate your needs in a new way. 

Who is a Well-Adjusted Mama?

She is strong...

She is strong and secure in her educated decisions regarding the health of her and her family

She is independent...

She doesn’t necessarily follow the crowd regarding mainstream practices related to pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  She listens to her intuition and stays open to new practices that may differ from her own upbringing.

She is connected...

She respects the body’s innate intelligence and supports natural healing whenever possible.

She is a shining light...

She contributes to her community by staying on purpose to her life’s journey and making mama self-care a priority in order to be present for herself and her loved ones.

Hello, I’m Dr. Laura Brayton

I’m a Chiropractor, a well-adjusted Mama and a woman who understands what it means to go through my first pregnancy in alignment. I have spent the majority of my career helping women, children and families get in alignment for better health, better family dynamics and to help them achieve all of their goals.

Are you ready to take the leap? Let’s connect and discuss your goals!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Before we begin, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a free 1:1 call with me to discuss your options, your concerns and your needs. Plus, you can download “7 Things to Know Before You Conceive” as my gift to you.

Choose a Plan

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, we have a program that can support you on your journey to motherhood. From in-person support at my Chiropractic Practice to supplements for your pregnancy, to guided programs, we have several ways for you to find the alignment for a happy, successful pregnancy. 

Embracing Your Next Phase

Through this community, I hope you find a new group of Well-Adjusted Mamas to help you on your journey, no matter where you are. We are all in this together and it is one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever embark on!

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