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Brayton Birth Method was created to shift the global consciousness through empowered pregnancy, birth and motherhood.


We start at the beginning with preconception education and support to build a powerful platform in which to consciously co-create the next generation of peaceful, kind and empathetic humans.

What does preconception mean?


Preconception means a conscious awareness of lifestyle habits and thought patterns to optimize the chances for a healthy pregnancy experience along with empowered decisions to create an individualized birth process that is in the best interest of both mama and baby.

Even if a mother requires medical fertility support or adoption, this program will elevate her overall health at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, allowing her to evolve as a conscious parent.

What are the benefits of preparing for pregnancy?


The benefits of consciously preparing for pregnancy extend beyond knowing when you are ovulating in order to increase the likelihood of conception.  It allows you time prior to your pregnancy to detox the physical body due to the enormous daily chemical exposure that occurs from our air, water, soil and food supply not to mention personal care and cleaning products.

You are instructed how to create healthy eating habits (ideally done alongside your partner), read labels on your personal care and cleaning products to minimize toxic exposure, and commit to daily lifestyle habits that create a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

We cover the relationship with yourself, your partner and your vision of motherhood.

We dig deep to clear out the “emotional and physical baggage” that can interfere (or create challenges) with your motherhood journey.

How does it work?

Over the span of 3 months, by using daily bite-sized learning, behavior stacking, week-by-week growth, and a thriving community ready to help each other along this path, you’ll learn & master all the fundamental lifestyle habits and routines for a healthy, holistic conception.

Each day of this journey you will get access to a video from Dr. Laura and an easy activity to do. Plus you’ll have the support of Dr. Laura Brayton every step of the way. This is different from a typical course in which you listen and learn, this is about taking action and making a change.



Focus Areas of The Program

  1. Nutrition:
    Get clear on how to properly nourish your body with organic, local, fresh food in order to heal, provide energy…and make a baby.
  2. Detox:
    Learn how often our bodies are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis from processed foods, packaging, skin care products, household cleaning agents, tap water, air pollution, etc. and how to get the toxins OUT of your body before pregnancy.
  3. Emotional Wellbeing:
    Chronic stress creates an imbalance in our nervous system as we live from a “fight or flight” state; this is unhealthy and unproductive for conception.
  4. Lifestyle:
    Look at how your work/life balance and how you choose to spend your time in order to reevaluate your current lifestyle as you prepare for motherhood.
  5. Fitness:
    How and when we move our bodies is essential for health and vitality as well as maintaining a healthy weight prior to conception.
  6. Relationships:
    Deeply examine the relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and even ancestors as we clear out the limiting beliefs and stuck patterns that create dis-ease within our bodies and block us from creating our desires.

What do you get?


72 daily video trainings with Dr. Laura Brayton ($1,100 value)
Ongoing 3-month support ($2,400 value)
A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)
A month’s supply of vitamins ($99 value)

Total Value: $3,599


As you can see, the total value of this is $3,599.

But you won’t be paying anything near that amount.

This is the first time Dr. Laura delivers this experience fully online so you’ll be able to take advantage of a one-time-only unbeatable price.

The price will only be $399 for you.


Onboarding: Setting Yourself Up For Success
Week 1: Optimal Nutrition & Body Detox
Week 2: Upgrading Your Lifestyle
Week 3: Environmental Detox
Week 4: Preconception Testing
Week 5: Honoring Your Cycle
Week 6: Emotional Detox
Week 7: The Power Of Your Relationship
Week 8: The Art Of Co-Parenting
Week 9: Sex For Conception
Week 10: Strengthen Your Relationship
Week 11: Signs You Are Pregnant
Week 12: The Journey Continues

Why Brayton Birth Method?


With almost two decades worth of experience supporting, encouraging and empowering women during their motherhood journey, I know how important it is for a woman to feel respected and honored for the decisions she makes during this sacred phase of her life.

The current obstetric model of care mostly neglects providing information for women to be fully informed of the positive action steps they can make on a daily basis to optimize their fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

I am here to help women shift from making decisions regarding their pregnancy and birth from a place of fear to instead a place of empowerment; feeling at their most intuitive level that they are consciously moving along their path as mothers with grace and ease. 

Now, after experiencing my own pregnancy and birth in 2017, and supporting hundreds of women in my practice following the Brayton Birth Method, I am inspired to witness what is possible when a woman creates the pregnancy and birth of her dreams.

Dr. Laura Brayton

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What mothers are saying about
Dr. Laura Brayton

I started seeing Dr. Brayton weekly when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Dr. Brayton relieved the pains I was having and helped prepare me for delivery. As a result of my visits with Dr. Brayton I never had sciatica, which was an issue I had before I was pregnant. Dr. Brayton’s treatment also alleviated my concerns of having a breech baby.

All my visits and treatments allowed me to be comfortable and active up until my due date. My weekly visits to Dr. Brayton were my oasis during COVID. As a fellow mother, Dr. Brayton educated me on several things to prepare me for delivery as well as becoming a new mom. For that I am grateful.

Even after giving birth, the adjustments did not stop as Dr. Brayton continued to treat me as well as my son who was four days old at his first visit. During the treatment, Dr. Brayton noticed he had a lip and tongue tie and immediately referred me to a surgeon and Lactation Consultant. Dr. Brayton and her “team” has helped my son’s feeding greatly and their familiarity with one another allowed a smooth and seamless transition.

Jamie C.