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In today’s culture we are taught to live independent, self-sustaining lives. We tend to go at things on our own, learning to propel ourselves forward with gusto and white-knuckled strength.  As we make changes in our lives, we begin to transform. We often lose our way, and find ourselves off-track. We take a step forward and then a few steps back.

As women, we thrive in community. Motivating, celebrating and encouraging our like-minded sisters as they shine in their lives, lights us up as well. As innate caretakers, we are uplifted when we inspire and support another sister in her journey.  Working through issues, making changes and shifting courses together with a like-minded community, a sisterhood tribe, is invaluable.

When you join this tribe, you become a part of something sacred.  Lifelong friendships and professional networking opportunities are just a piece of the value that awaits when you are ready to take the next step in your personal evolution.

Group Programs

Group programs will take place via teleconference or video chat and will include weekly or bi-weekly group sessions, a private online coaching community, weekly emails.


Workshops will take place live in New York or New Jersey, and will range from 2-hour Workshops to multi-day intensives. Workshops might include movement, meditation, nourishing meals and more.
Group Programs and Workshop topics will range and may include:

  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Communication and relationships
  • Balancing motherhood and career
  • Intimacy 101
  • Finding your purpose and living with passion
  • Accessing your pain points in order to release them

Visit my Upcoming Events for information on my upcoming groups and workshops or Connect for more information.