Babies, Business and Beyond with Nina Farzin

Mar 19, 2024

NINA FARZIN is a Pharmacist who made a deal on Shark Tank and successfully became a patent holder. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey driven by a personal necessity – the need for a tool that could ease her babies’ breathing at night. Astonished by the absence of such a solution, she took matters into her own hands and created the oogiebear original booger picker. This innovative tool not only proved effective and safe but also embodied the charm that Nina, as an apprehensive young mother, sought for her newborns.

In 2015, Nina set out on this venture with no foresight that her idea would evolve into a global aid for thousands of children and their parents. Discovering that many parents shared her quest for improved baby care solutions, she realized the widespread demand for better products. What began as a quest to enhance the baby nasal aspirator category turned into a pioneering effort, creating a new niche for booger and ear wax removal tools distinct from the decades-old aspirators dominating the market.

The oogiebear, with its revolutionary approach, became a symbol of Nina Farzin’s commitment to advancing baby care, with aspirations reaching far beyond the initial innovation.

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