Drs Brayton and Alvarez were highly recommended to me when I started experiencing lower back pain in my 2nd trimester – and continuing adjustments with them through the very end of my pregnancy was an absolute game changer!! Aside from normal pressure, aches and small pains – I was able to really enjoy my pregnancy pain free, and not have the acute lower, SI joint pain that I was experiencing prior to seeking their expertise. Their practice is gentle and understanding. Never rushed and they truly place your health and wellness first. Admittedly, I only went to Hoboken Family Chiropractic + Wellness for what I thought was preventing any back, neck and shoulder pain related to my first pregnancy … but when I learned how the adjustments were actually helpful in promoting a healthy, safe and efficient delivery – I’m CONVINCED they were the very reason why my son was in optimal position for birth, that my labor was mere hours and his delivery was faster than I could have imagined. Now, I’m a busy mama who still seeks adjustments for the strains that come with a life of chasing after young children, working from home scrunched over a computer, etc. . My holistic quality of life has improved with their treatment plans that truly look at my health as whole. I sleep better, feel better, move easier and feel healthier. Worth every penny!