I had been seeing Dr. Brayton through my first pregnancy and when she mentioned I should bring the baby in once she was born I was a little taken aback. I didn’t realize that babies needed to or could get adjusted! After doing some research I decided that I would bring my daughter to Dr. Brayton. As a new mom, it couldn’t have been a smarter decision. I was nervous, scared and felt very alone while immediately facing some breastfeeding issues with my daughter. With her first adjustment at less than 7 days old, I saw an immediate change in my daughters latch. Dr. Brayton also was able to recommend different local resources for different procedures and for an LLBC. My daughter continued to see Dr. Brayton through her early months as she got a frenectomy to maximize the benefits of the procedure and again we would see results each time. A more open mouth, a deep, more proper latch and I would feel instant relief, both physically and emotionally. The experience my first daughter and I had with Dr. Brayton made it a no brainer for me to immediately take my second daughter when she was born. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brayton for your newborn to relieve any breastfeeding or eating issues!