Autoimmune Thyroid Solutions with Dr. Bianca Chiara

Feb 22, 2016

Dr. Bianca Chiara is a board-certified Family Medicine physician, completing her entire education, pre-k through medical residency, in her home state of New Jersey. Being raised by a chiropractor father and homemaker mother who cooked three meals a day from scratch, she was exposed to integrative healthcare practices and learned about the importance of nutrition and “food as medicine” at a young age.

As Dr. Chiara started her private practice, she realized her conventional medical training left her feeling void of the ability to truly help those with chronic illness and provide substantial preventative health strategies. In 2010 she started her journey with The Institute for Functional Medicine, an AMA accredited organization, offering evidence-based training for physicians in this field termed “functional medicine.” Dr. Chiara knew very quickly that she had found her path to answer the questions that traditional training had failed to address.

Today Dr. Chiara is extremely proud to be a certified functional practitioner, with what she believes are the tools to help patients uncover the root causes of their medical issues, as well as try to alleviate dependence on not only pharmaceuticals, but on herself, and all medical providers. She strongly believes in the patient-practitioner partnership and equal responsibility of both parties in the pursuit of health.

For more information, please visit her website at www.hobokenfunctional.com.

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