Benefits of a Postpartum Doula With Jen Kowal

Jan 5, 2015

For almost twenty years, Jen Kowal has been providing restorative, gentle, compassionate, and practical support for families in Northern New Jersey throughout the childbearing year.  Jen is a trained and experienced Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Certified Lactation Counselor, La Matron Quantum Birth Consultant, Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, and Childbirth Educator.  She also provides numerous other services to support the physical and emotional recovery and well-being of the new mother such as placenta encapsulation, Malaysian Belly Binding, and more.

Jen believes that all mothers (and dads/partners) do have a deep inner understanding guiding them in how to best care for their infant.  But with all of the books, workshops, “experts,” and unwanted advice out there, we forget how to listen to that intuition.  Jen strives to provide a reassuring and comfortable environment in which parents feel safe exploring their abilities and practicing new skills.  Sometimes simply having an experienced and knowledgeable person at your side is all you need for peace of mind as you learn to care for your precious newborn.

Parents often say they feel more prepared and confident after working with Jen.  Contact her for more information about her varied services at www.montclairdoula.com