Identifying & Releasing Conditioned Beliefs Around Pregnancy/Birth with Stephanie Radler

Jan 17, 2023

Go deep with this episode featuring certified intuitive life coach, Stephanie Radler, as she discusses how to identify and release conditioned generational and societal beliefs around pregnancy and birth.

Stephanie Radler is a pregnancy expert, coach and doula. For over 15 years, she taught prenatal yoga and provided birth doula support in NYC and has guided 100’s of women and families through pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. She believes that a mama has everything she needs to carry, birth and raise her child within.

Now, as a certified intuitive life coach, she helps pregnant and new moms let go of negative and conditioned beliefs and put systems and practices in place in order to birth and live from a place of truth, inner wisdom and joy. Stephanie continues to share the power of the breath and mindfulness and emphasizes the importance of compassionate self-talk. This mother of two recognizes that awareness is the first step to making any change.

In her free time, Stephanie likes to go to museums, dance and walk in the woods. For more information, check out her website at www.stephanieradler.com.