Natural Remedies to Keep Your Family Healthy & Active with Jenny Watson

Jul 5, 2022

Jenny Watson is the founder of The Elderberry Co. The wife of a pastor and stay-at-home mom with two small children, she was looking for ways to keep her family healthy, naturally. She started making Elderberry Syrup in her kitchen and found they were no longer fighting colds or flu. Friends and family were her first customers, but soon, it got to the point where strangers were showing up at her doorstep at all hours wanting to buy the magic elixir. Within a year, Jenny was making the syrup in mass batches in a commercial kitchen, and today, is managing a multi-million-dollar business with a line of products and 11 employees.

For more information, check out her website at www.theelderberryco.com or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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