One Simple Thing You Can Do to Create a Healthy Baby: Microbiome Health During Pregnancy with Dr. Donna Embree

Dec 1, 2014

Dr. Donna Embree has twenty years of clinical experience where she created a system for working with the design of the body, producing rapid, sustainable results, and empowering patients to take responsibility for the healing process.  After word got out about her incredible success in treating patients, other practitioners asked to be mentored and began shadowing her practice. This led to her passion for teaching and developing a diverse educational curriculum.

Currently, Donna is the President of BioEnergetic Resources and Director of the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine.  She provides advanced training to doctors and other health practitioners on how to address the underlying cause of disease and how to educate their patients.  Her curriculum is based on the concept that the body heals the way it develops and healing is easy if we follow the design of the body.  Over the past nine years, Donna has been consulting with practitioners and working hand-in-hand to help them create the practices of their dreams.  www.bioenergeticresources.com