Seasons of Motherhood with Dr. Kathia Roberts

Jul 6, 2015

Dr. Kathia Roberts takes joy in her new role as a holistic mom while continuing her passion as a healer, naturopath, medical herbalist, and doctor of integrative medicine by empowering families with healthy, holistic alternatives in health care since 2004.  She grew up in South Africa and began experimenting with herbal potions at an early age.  As a teenager, she suffered from colitis from an eating disorder and was misdiagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.  As a result, she was prescribed Prozac and Ritalin that caused multiple side effects.  This life experience inspired her to help parents be mindful of having their child (or themselves) be defined by their diagnosis and to, rather, seek a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to address the root cause naturally instead of masking it.

She has served on several statutory councils representing allied health professionals and continues to teach herbal medicine and mind-body therapies to other health care practitioners.  She is the director of Seasonal Health Wellness Center and Apothecary in Hoboken, NJ where she dispenses customized remedies and formulations including herbal teas, homeopathy, capsules, lotions, oils, sublingual sprays, and more to address a wide variety of conditions.  She facilitates mothers and mothers-to-be to embrace the Season of Motherhood with flexibility and ease by providing them with natural and holistic methods to cope with and adopt to this season.  She also leads sound healing meditations to aid a peaceful mind by providing insight into daily struggles and encourage flow towards transformation.  For more information, please visit her website at www.seasonalhealth.com.