Supporting Mothers in Pregnancy with Time Outside with Michelle Boyer

Nov 28, 2023

Michelle Boyer is president and founder of Arctic Lynx Maternity. A graduate of Gettysburg College, Michelle began her career in the mortgage industry where she became a Senior Vice President of Compliance. After the birth of her second daughter, and with a desire to pursue a more creative career, she had the idea to create a base layer for pregnant women. With much hard work and tears, Arctic Lynx Maternity was dreamed up and created. Launched in December 2018, the brand has grown from an offering of three products to ten.

Featured in Runner’s World, Golf Digest, Gear Junkie and other amazing sites and publications, the brand is working to change the way humanity views pregnant women.

Michelle is a passionate advocate of mothers being just as valuable and deserving of care as babies and has worked to pass legislation in the state of Maine to increase health care for women. Based just outside of Portland, Maine, you can find Michelle enjoying hiking trails, beaches, Old Port shopping and a good chai tea in her free time.

Michelle’s info: