Understanding Normal Movement Milestones in Infants with Nancy Neiditz

Jun 1, 2015

Nancy Neiditz graduated NYU’s physical therapy program in 1989, and immediately began an in depth training of the Feldenkrais Method. Several years later she became an Anat Baniel Method for Children Practitioner as well. A modern dancer and yoga enthusiast, she appreciated the creative approach to engaging and moving Children. She started her career as an adult physical therapist at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. There she trained with some of the best neurologists and orthopedic surgeons in the country. In 1995, close to the time of the establishment of The Early Intervention Program, she began traveling throughout NYC to see children, ages 0-3 in their natural environments, the home. She mentored with the only other Anat Baniel Method Trainer, Marcy Lindheimer. Bringing some of her more severe cases to Ms. Lindheimer, she began her journey in learning how to approach and treat some of the most serious neuromuscular cases that appear in children with developmental disabilities. By 2004, with her fluency in Spanish and expertise,  she was one of the lead P.T.’s in Washington Heights and Harlem.

In 2010 she created her course, “A Fresh Approach in the Treatment of Torticollis”. She teaches throughout the United States and has taught in Italy and Turkey. Students who come to her workshops are amazed to see the ease with which she moves them and gets them to learn better postures immediately. She loves to teach other PT’s and OT’s how to gain the trust and create a connection with the babies so that they literally melt in her hands. Their cervical tightness and habits change before our eyes.

She has worked with well over a thousand babies. She has a private practice in Demarest, N.J. and works in a public health clinic two days per week in Monroe, N.Y.  For more information, please visit her website at www.nancypt4kids.com.