A Parent’s Guide to a Safer Childbirth with Gina Mundy

Feb 6, 2024

Gina Mundy is an attorney that specializes in childbirth cases. For over two decades, she has analyzed the mistakes that are made during labor and delivery. Drawing on this knowledge, she has authored the bestselling book “A Parent’s Guide to a Safer Childbirth” to help parents prevent these mistakes and have a healthy baby. Rather than merely getting involved after an unfortunate mistake was made, Gina has taken a proactive approach by getting involved before childbirth.

Throughout her career Gina has traveled nationwide, engaging with healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and midwives to explore all aspects of labor and delivery. These interactions have provided her with invaluable insights, enabling her to appreciate the diverse perspectives prevalent in different regions of the country. Meeting with experts from various states, she has explored and analyzed the myriad of issues that can arise during labor and delivery, impacting both mother and baby.

Gina has conducted extensive research, meticulously analyzing, and dissecting countless studies pertaining to childbirth. This rigorous process was essential in equipping her with the necessary knowledge to undertake lengthy cross-examinations of a diverse array of experts. Through these examinations, she skillfully discerns their opinions on the errors that have occurred during labor and delivery. This has sharpened her knowledge allowing her to become highly proficient in the nuances of childbirth.

In her capacity as legal counsel, Gina has closely worked with delivery teams whose care has been questioned following adverse outcomes. She has spent thousands of hours meticulously scrutinizing cases, conducting interviews with delivery teams, and thoroughly examining medical records to gain an in-depth understanding of every decision made during labor and delivery.

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