How to Embrace the Challenges of Motherhood with Authenticity with Ciara Burton

Jan 23, 2024

Ciara Burton is a renowned personal life coach and trainer with over a decade of experience. Known as “The Life Coach for Moms,” Ciara’s work has positively impacted the lives of over 800 people. She specializes in helping working women, especially mothers, overcome feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and disconnection from their inner selves. Ciara’s four-step approach helps women love their bodies into alignment, train their minds, feed their souls, and become sovereign women.

Recently, Ciara and her family made a life-changing move from California to Colorado to live in alignment with her values of faith, family, health, travel, and nature. Her course, “Becoming Her,” empowers moms to rediscover happiness within themselves and lead lives guided by their core values. Graduates of her program become confident leaders in their homes, embracing a vision of possibility and leaving behind the “victim mindset” through inner-directed living and “soul work.”

Ciara’s info: