Five Key Steps to Building Wealth with Allegra Moet Brantly

Jan 9, 2024

Meet Allegra Moet Brantly, the corporate ladder-climbing New Yorker who went from 6-figure salary to $0 in savings. But instead of letting shame and fear consume her, she took matters into her own hands and became a money expert. Fast forward a few years, and her net worth went from -$18K to a staggering $1.1M!

But Allegra didn’t keep her newfound knowledge and success to herself and realized she had a deeper, bigger vision. This is when Factora was founded, a company on a mission to “Lead 1 million women to $1 million of net worth.”

Fast forward to today, Allegra and Factora are leading an army of like-minded women on a mission to transform their financial futures. Through education, strategy, and a supportive community, they are empowering women to break barriers and take charge of their money to achieve financial freedom.

And she’s not stopping there.

As the host of the Coffee & Coin podcast, Allegra is spreading her message even further. Her goal is to close the investment gap for females and create a movement that changes the game. She’s building the best women’s investor network across the country.

Allegra’s info: