Benefits of Floatation Therapy for Fertility, Pregnancy and Motherhood with Anand Sukhadia

Sep 28, 2021

Anand J Sukhadia is a first-generation American of Indian Descent. Being around Allopathic and Holistic Health Practitioners throughout his upbringing, Anand knew his calling was in bridging together the best values of East and Western worlds and do it with a spiritual and holistically health-related flare.

Anand is also the Founder & Director at om.life Wellness Modern Recovery Spa located in Jersey City. om.life is an eco-modern wellness sanctuary that marries ancient healing knowledge with new technology. om.life has been named as the Best Breakout Business in Jersey City in its first year and is the most unique wellness experience in Hudson County, NJ. In just under 3 years, they have aided over 6000 individuals in stress management, athletic recovery, and lowering inflammation through their unique suite of holistic health modalities. (www.om.life)

He is also the host of the new Limitless One Podcast, a conversational platform that interviews individuals living a limitless life by being aligned on their soul’s purpose. (iTunes: Limitless One Podcast).

Anand’s mission in life is to inspire and transform the mental, physical and spiritual health of his community and planet at large. Anand loves to travel the world, connect with other open-hearted beings, and is continually seeking truth and light through his meditation, self-development, and other spiritual practices.

You are invited to learn more about Anand via his Instagram @anand.life and on his websites www.om.life and www.anand.life. For public speaking, advertising and other inquiries, please contact him at anand@om.life.

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