How to Bring Your A-Game to Birth with Renee Pizzuto

Oct 1, 2019

As a certified birth doula and mother of three, Renee Pizzuto is passionate about motherhood and the sacred, life-changing journey that takes mothers and parents from pregnancy to childbirth. She believes the world should honor women during childbirth, exalting them for the powerful beings they are! As a birth doula, Renee provides evidence-based education, high-quality resources, and one-to-one support to growing families. This includes preparation and consultation during the prenatal period; continuous, on-to-one support during your birth, and gentle guidance during the postpartum period. She does this with love. She ensures your needs are met on an individual basis with dignity and compassion during this exciting time. For more information, please check out her website at www.tribeofmine.com.